Quarantine Life

cat laying on desk next to monitor connected to a laptop

I couldn’t get anymore original with the title, but what else is there?

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been working remote and staying indoors, for the most part. I say “for the most part” only because I did leave the house twice within these 2 weeks to restock on groceries and other essentials.

We now live in a world where toilet paper is being rationed.

Shopping for groceries to keep us stocked for an unforeseen amount of time is difficult, especially when you have a boyfriend who isn’t frugal with his food. What I mean by that is he gets way too much dip for his chips or way too much marinara sauce for his mozzarella sticks that he has leftovers, and when he does, he just throws the leftover dip away. Eek.

Working from home was okay at first, but there are just too many distractions for me.

I’ve been staying with my boyfriend instead of my apartment on the other side of the water. At my apartment, I’d probably be the only person because my roommate still has to physically go into work, and I think the same applies for her fiance. I’d be working from my small room and putting on lofi in the background, occasionally getting up to warm up some food, then wait for them to come home. The only thing that’d be missing is my boyfriend.

But because I’ve been staying at my boyfriend’s place and being isolated from the outside world with him and his 2 other roommates, there have been way too many distractions. Okay, not THAT many, but it feels like it. For one, his TV which is connected to my hand-me-down computer has the video games that I just want to play as soon as I get off… not even, I’d RATHER be playing than working when I’m working. And now that Animal Crossing has been released, that has been taking a lot of my attention also. Video games in itself is a huge distraction because of the amount of time it takes to play a certain game. I’ve found myself waking up every morning and turning on my Switch to play Animal Crossing first thing while still lying in bed.

me lying in bed cuddled up with boyfriend and Nintendo switch in hand

Why am I complaining? I get to stay in bed as long as I can until I literally have to roll out of bed to get on my laptop. Not having to get up and get ready to shower to go somewhere I guess is nice.

But I am starting to feel like I’m in a rut again. I’ve been cooped up in one place for too long and I just wanna go back out there and go about my days before this pandemic started. Doing those zealous tasks of getting up, showering, getting dressed, preparing for the day makes me feel motivated and to do things. My boyfriend is completely fine with this though, being his extreme introverted self.

Which is why I’m taking a wee break form playing video games (kinda) and getting back to this website and my bullet journal, and just other things in general. It’s a new month in a few days and this is the perfect opportunity to plan for the year ahead… even if it’s spent in quarantine. Gotta keep my head up during these times.

That’s it for now. I’ll end this post by posting a cute picture of my boyfriend’s sleepy kitty, Trigger.

sleepy black cat laying on blanket

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