New Beginnings. Again.

Canon EOS Rebel XSi & bullet journal entry

Hello, again.

I brought this site back to life to help me “rediscover” myself. I’ve been going through some really tough times recently. Times that brought me to what feels like my lowest low of my almost 29 years of living.

Moving out of my parents house for the first time and living on my own this summer has really made a big impact on my life recently. I was excited for this new chapter, but it was inevitable to face the challenges that came with it. And here I am, in the aftermath of my recent mental breakdowns that have been building up since the moment I stepped into my first apartment.

The website, this time around, will be focused on bringing back an old hobby that was prominent in my high school years: photography.

I was part of the yearbook committee for a couple of years in my high school career and remembering how I was an editor as well as one of the many photographers of the committee brought back some thoughts that I had buried since then. Life gets busy and you forget some things along the way. But everytime I get the chance to recall things that once made me happy or gave me some kind of impactful (is this even a word?) experience, I always get in a mood to put myself back in my shoes from back then. I used to believe that life was beautiful, regardless of the shit that happens. And it was the little things that made everything else feel much more meaningful and real. And with photography, it helped me realize all of it… from looking through the viewfinder at inanimate objects, to seeing the resulting photo come out looking great sometimes, and other times, just downright not as good as seeing the real thing with the naked eye.

So here we are, with a brand new look, new logo, and whatnot. Still some parts of the same ol’ Anne, but continuously bettering myself.

The featured photo is taken from my Galaxy Note9 of the ol’ reliable Canon Rebel XSi that I had handed down to me from my dad in my sophomore year of high school and a “self-discovery” entry from my bullet journal, which is another hobby that I picked up some time last year.

I will be back for more… but for now, enjoy.

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