Let’s Be Penpals!

I know what you’re thinking: “Anne, in this day and age, you still hand write letters? Get with the times. It’s called email and text messaging and [whatever other technologies you want to put here].”

And yes, I still like to hand write letters. I’ve been hand writing letters to friends since I was young. Not only was it to keep in touch with those I was close to whom I suddenly moved far away from, it was also the cute stationery that got me. To this day, I still like cute stationery and I have some that I want to use.

If you happen to like hand written letters also, let’s be penpals!

For security purposes, I will not openly disclose my mailing address here. So if you’re interested in becoming a penpal, fill out the form below. Once I receive your submission, I will start writing out your letter and send it to you ASAP.