New Portfolio & Revamped IG

Oh, look. It’s another post. See? I am trying to make an effort tot his use this thing more.

So if my readers didn’t already know or don’t follow me on social media, or simply didn’t read my last entry from yesterday — I dedicated an entirely new website to my photography, and I kinda revamped my photography account on Instagram to reflect the steps I made towards putting more effort into making my photography dreams into a reality.

I made my portfolio using Squarespace. They weren’t kidding when all of the sponsored bits of the YouTube videos I’ve watched mentioned how easy it is. I think I was skeptical and hesitant because of 2 main things: MONEY and EXECUTION.

I don’t really consider myself to be one of those individuals who live paycheck to paycheck, luckily, but also I wasn’t exactly sure how wanting to put forth a portfolio would be worth my return on the investment. Along with having much less opportunities to “go out there” and take pictures, and then have the time to edit them, and then post them. It seemed like it would’ve been more work than what I would get out of it all in return.

But after I really looked at my life, all of my youth wasted on working my 9-5, I finally decided, “I’ll never be able to do it unless I do it now.” All that motivational reading from scrolling through all the positivity posts on Instagram and words of wisdom from some of my favorite poets and authors and even mentors at my day job, really helped put me in that mindset to just go for it. Now if only I could do it for other things… I’m still working on it. But for now, this is a good start.

Taking this first step wasn’t as bad as I thought, but now is the time to keep going. I feel like I’ll be struggling, but I know I’ll never understand what progress I’ve made if I wasn’t struggling. Right now, I’m struggling with creating some kind of routine. The next project I gave myself is to go through my cousin’s wedding photos, edit them, and post them on my portfolio. This is what I get for having burst shot on and ending the wedding day with 1200+ photos to go through for the selection process. I’ll get through it somehow… Just need to take it one thought at a time.

With the Instagram account (, I’ve been taking small steps and keeping up a routine that I just suddenly started doing out of the blue. I started posting 1 thing a day on the account early first thing in the morning. Honestly, it started in the midst of me writing an email to a client, but as stated before: “I’ll never be able to do it unless I do it now.” So we’ll see how this goes…

That’s all I have for tonight. More soon!

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