5/6 of the way through 2020

I feel like I’m starting over and anew again, but it’s only because I’m repurposing this site to be strictly a blog, an online journal of my thoughts. Thoughts that I will more than likely only update while I’m working, because some of the thoughts that normally come to me that I want to take note of and document is while I’m working.

So here we go again.

And for anyone that asks, I have not stopped doing photography. I just moved my portfolio over to Squarespace and built a website dedicated to my shots there. You can check it out @ avstudios.net

Now that my shameless plug is over, time to list all the things that have happened since my last update in May:

  • Still a pandemic happening, but the world has turn laxed and reopened mostly everything back up and I disagree with it
  • Extensions to working remote seems neverending, which is okay with me
  • Started streaming on Twitch in July and made a few new friends along the way
  • Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer
  • Moved back in with my parents
  • Finished an internal project at work that was solely under my control
  • Cousin got married and I was the photographer for her engagement shoot and wedding
  • Been selling my things on ebay to get some extra moneys
  • Laptop pooped itself when malware attacked it for a very short period of time, thus leading me to visit our new office to get a temporary swap
  • Started a new photography portfolio website on Squarespace
  • Dad going mental

That is pretty much the gist of everything that has happened within the last 5 months.

I know I say this every time, but I will make more of an effort to use this thing.

Until next time.

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