K-Pop Comebacks: July 2017

For the past 2 or 3 weeks, I’ve been trying to catch up on these comebacks by reacting to some of music videos that came out this month. There were only a select few that I reacted to, and here are my extended thoughts that I didn’t have enough MBs to discuss on-camera. Haha.

BTS (방탄소년단) – Come Back Home

Before I even watched this music video, I had no idea that it was for Seo Taiji’s 25th Anniversary. But the first thing that I thought about when I heard that BTS came out with this music video, I thought about 2NE1’s Come Back Home. Then, I found an article – I don’t remember if it was from allkpop or Soompi or Koreaboo – and saw that the article talked about other artists did some form of dedication or remake of this song.

I had also listened to the original song, and I couldn’t help but laugh at the trends that they followed back in the day when K-pop started out. But it also made me realized that the western world of hip-hop was no different. The music, the fashion, almost everything is similar. My eyes have been opened to all the common things that all parts of the world have with each other all this time, but it still amazes me everytime I witness things like this. That’s why there’s that saying that “music is universal.”

DAY6(데이식스) “Hi Hello”

With this reaction, I picked up the tiny passion for editing videos. Behind the scenes, I thought that I was going to have a hard time editing this video. I thought that so hard… that I almost wasn’t going to keep going with this little hobby of mine on my own. The thought of losing sleep because I knew it was going to take me a while to get through finishing this video was worrying me. I hadn’t gotten enough sleep to begin with and losing even more sleep was not ideal. But… I kept at it. And I enjoyed working on this video, as well as enjoyed watching the men singing in this video.

Oh, and I’m a little sad that Jae took a break from Twitter again. But I understand that he’s busy. 화이팅, Jae!

[STATION] 시우민 X 마크 Young & Free

I felt like my reactions lacked a lot in this video. And I think it shows in the amount of views it got. I don’t know. This video, according to the stats, only got 3 views. Sometimes, I think, “is SM Station something that people enjoy?” or “do even the diehard SM fans enjoy this project?” I looked into this Station project when SM started it up at the beginning of last year, around the same time that they were putting NCT at the forefront, and I initially thought the idea of putting out a new song (that’s not a comeback) once every week was a cool idea.

I haven’t really looked into it lately, but I have noticed that this is the second year that SM Station has been out, and that there are more non-Korean tracks coming out. It’s not that I am opposed to it, but I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t really know what to think about this project anymore… other than, I think they are running out of ideas with Station. That, or they’re reaching new heights by connecting with non-Korean artists? I think I’m missing some vital information about SM Station this time around. I hope I don’t receive too much backlash with this opinion. I like SM for their artists, but their management – from what I read in the media – is not so good and I feel like they’re trying too hard?

Red Velvet 레드벨벳 – 빨간 맛 Red Flavor

Not like anyone asked, but if I were to rank Red Velvet’s title tracks from my most favorite to least favorite, my list would look like this:

  1. Dumb Dumb
  2. Ice Cream Cake
  3. 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights)
  4. Russian Roulette
  5. Happiness
  6. Be Natural
  7. Red Flavor
  8. Rookie

Lately, RV’s music hasn’t really suited my taste. I didn’t like Rookie at all. Red Flavor was slightly okay, but it didn’t compare to the first few that have been near the top of my list for the past couple of years. It’s disappointing because I really really like Red Velvet, ore than other girl groups. All the more reason to already look forward to their next come back…

ONE – ‘해야해(heyahe)’

Again, I wasn’t really expecting to react to this, but I felt the need to react to an artist that I have never heard of. It is expected to watch a music video from my favorite groups. But I thought if I expanded every bit in this YouTube thing, one of the things I could do was to expose myself to an artist whom I wasn’t familiar with and create content with this. I consider this video one of the projects that helped me grow a bit.

EXO Ko Ko Bop

I had been waiting for this for FOREVER! EXO has had my heart since I first heard about them in 2013. I’ve been with them through every comeback, and seeing them with this concept has made me feel like I have grown with them also. With their EXODUS album, I thought that they had the sexy concept set then. But boy, they topped that with The War전야 The Eve and 소름 Chill showed that side of EXO that has grown up.

I won’t talk too muchmore about EXO’s accomplishments. I could honestly keep going… but I will just end it with…


정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa) – 여자여자해 (That Girl) (Feat. 로꼬)

Another flame rekindled with this one. Besides EXO, CNBLUE was another group that stole my heart in 2013 when I decided to take this dangerous path towards K-pop obsession. With CNBLUE’s frontman Yonghwa, it was love at first sight. From his acting in You’re Beautiful and Heartstrings, then moving onto his musical endeavors with CNBLUE. So, it only felt natural to want to watch this man make a solo comeback… especially after seeing him in all his handsome and charismatic greatness IN PERSON at KCON last month.

Marry me, 용화 오빠.

KARD – Hola Hola

I don’t have much to say other what I already said in the video: they just debuted FOR REAL and I am looking forward to what they will be doing from this point forward. I’d like see them win an award on any of the music shows eventually.

I’ve been working on this post carefully for the past 2 hours, and right now… I just want to end it quickly. Haha, I’m getting sleepy! I have a post coming up about my trip to D.C. and Annandale that I took with my best friend a couple of days ago. Looking forward to posting about that…

Until then, 안녕!

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