About Anne Victoria

My name is Anne Victoria, most people (in real life) know me as Annie. As my short bio to the right says: I am 26 years old (born 2 days before Christmas). I am a Filipino, but I was born in Okinawa, Japan, and now I live in Virginia.

I’d like to think my personality is warm, but I won’t deny that I am a bit socially awkward. I can be bubbly and hyper, and sometimes I can be found lost in my own mind and have this stupid blank look on my face with my mouth open. I’ve been told that I act like an anime character, whatever that means. But I’ll take it as a compliment… because I like anime.

According to the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, I am INFJ, which is defined as:

“…gentle, caring, complex and highly intuitive individuals. Artistic and creative, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. Only one percent of the population has an INFJ Personality Type, making it the most rare of all the types.” (Portrait of an INFJ)

Lastly, for this intro, I am a project manager at a web hosting firm. But I’m hoping and planning for my occupation to change before the end of year…

The boring stuff…

I graduated from ECPI College of Technology and received my Bachelors degree in Computer and Information Sciences with a concentration in Web Development. I currently work as a webmaster for Knowledge Information Solutions and a web design project coordinator for InMotion Hosting.

I have a long history with my college education, but this should satisfy everyone’s curiosity. Right?

I guess I can be a bit fun…

In my spare time, I like to listen to music. More like, I listen to music 24/7, even when I sleep. I can’t really stand silence. I will also sing along to the music that I listen to. I’ve realized that I am better at memorizing song lyrics than I am with remembering certain memories. (I am a terrible person to make memories with!) I also like watching lots of YouTube videos. I will even rewatch certain videos over and over again. And oddly enough, I like to clean and organize things. It’s therapeutic.

On some occasions, I like to play video games. The game that I have been stuck on for the last year is Overwatch. My top 5 heroes that I use frequently are: Pharah, Zenyatta, Orisa, D.Va, and Mei.

On a very rare occasion, I like to ride my longboard around. I would do it more often… but I can’t find it.

As I mentioned in my intro, I’ve been told that I’m a very animated person. If there is one thing that you’ll notice about me right off the bat, cute things really get my attention and you can always expect a reaction out of me. Be prepared to cover your ears… my squeals can be deafening.

I like to immerse myself in all things Korean, such as the music, the TV shows, and even the food.

Things are getting juicy…

Aside from building this new website and figuring out how I’m going to transfer my web design portfolio work from college onto here, I am also in the process of trying make a name for myself by becoming an avid YouTuber. I wanted to share my love (more like obsessions) for K-pop with everyone around me.

I’m not as into web design as I used to be, so my efforts to do anything involving building websites (aside from my own) are almost non-existent. After working as a project manager at a web hosting firm, I have been more focused on customer service than actually designing. I like some aspects of designing websites, but I find myself more useful helping other people.

What inspired me to share my love for K-pop was watching other people on social media like YouTube or Vingle (a community app, like many others out there – but with more humble people) document their love for the music, the culture of “biases” and “skinship”, and being part of devoted fandoms that never seem to die out. I’ve never witnessed a passion as strong as the “k-poppers” in this world, and of course, the passion and lengths that Hallyu stars go through to be what they are: celebrities with extremely humble personalities and extraordinary talent that work hard and gain strength from their fans.

Learning about me doesn’t have to end here.

If you want to know more, read my blog!